8th FIIC Intercrosse World Cup – Szombathely (H)- June 13-28 2006

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All participants agreed that this, the 8th edition of the World Cup was indeed the best since its creation.
The schedule was packed with events from early morning to late night, mixing matches with local sightseeing, culture and fun games.

In addition, the tournament itself contained unexpected excitement as the traditional reign of Czech Republic and Canada as the two best teams was for the first time shattered. Italy surprised everyone by outmaneuvering the Canadians in the preliminary round and thereby claiming a place in the final. As for the Czechs there was little to do as they still stand out as the best team in the World.

Behind the final teams, Slovak Republic, playing their third World Cup tournament managed to finsh in front of the more experienced French and Swiss teams, thereby giving them a place in the match for bronze against Canada. However, the Canadadians were still one size too big for the Slovaks leaving them in fourth place.

In the game for 5th place France won against Switzerland leaving the last place in the tournament to the host nation. Hungary showed a great improvement to their game during this tournament. However, even though they are not far behind they still do not have the experience and skills to disturb the other nations – but it is coming…


Home Team Away Team H A
Czech Republic Italy 30 14
France Slovakia 22 22
Canada Hungary 24 6
Czech Republic Switzerland 33 8
Italy Slovakia 24 16
Canada France 29 24
Switzerland Hungary 15 15
France Italy 18 27
Czech Republic Hungary 31 6
Canada Slovakia 23 14
Italy Switzerland 26 17
France Hungary 26 10
Czech Republic Slovakia 28 18
Canada Switzerland 22 9
Czech Republic France 40 22
Canada Italy 15 16
Hungary Slovakia 5 29
France Switzerland 28 13
Czech Republic Canada 27 20
Italy Hungary 27 17
Switzerland Slovakia 16 25


Home Team Away Team H A
Czech Republic Italy 29 20
Match for 3rd
Canada Slovak Republic 22 10
Match for 5th
France Switzerland 24 19


  1. Czech Republic
  2. Italy
  3. Canada
  4. Slovak Republic
  5. France
  6. Switzerland
  7. Hungary

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